Kelowna Yacht Club Race Night

  • Kelowna Yacht Club Race Night©Bruce Kemp 2015 9259
    Photos from KYC Race Night Aug. 12, 2015

Africa - The Lovely Continent

  • Zebras with Rainbow©Bruce Kemp 2015 001
    People wonder about Africa. All the news coming out of there seems to be bad, but it's not all terrorists and turmoil. It is worth visiting - you just have to pick the areas you are going to explore. The people are among the kindest in the world and the wildlife is truly spectacular. I have visited a number of times and it is one of the few places in the world I could return to again and again.

BC Dragoons Citizen Soldiers

  • BC Dragoons © Bruce Kemp 2014 5962
    I had the pleasure of working with this fine group of Canadian soldiers last fall.Their professionalism and dedication impressed and made me extremely proud.

Red-Naped Sap Sucker

  • Red-naped Sapsucker ©Bruce Kemp 2012 -  DSC_4680
    One of the many birds of the boreal forests. I ran into this one on the Thompson Plateau a few years ago and was able to get very close with a long lens.

The Garden of Sensual Delights

  • Katharine Hodgkin Irises© Bruce Kemp 2015 6538
    As hot as Carmen, Bizet's cigarette girl, the first rush of spring flowers is the sensual reward of colour and smell for the hours and days of hard work it takes to create a garden. These blossoms are not the blush of our youth, but an independent seduction by the natural world calling out to people and birds and bees alike. You can sit in a garden anywhere and your soul begins to heal. The sounds of the winds lightly gliding through the rose bushes, the erotic scent of lavender and wild colours are the returning gifts of spring.

Purcell Mtn. Lodge

  • Purcell Mtn. Lodge 429
    With summer somewhere just below the horizon, it's time to think about lighting out for the high country, and there aren't many places higher than Purcell Mountain Lodge above Golden, BC, in the Purcell Mountains. It's one of the best places in the world to hike in the high alpine meadows.

Toronto Brigantine - A Worthwhile Life At Sea

  • Toronto Brigantine 2
    There are still some young people who've turned the computer off, put the iPhone down and left the comfort of home to seek adventure with organizations like Toronto Brigantine. Toronto Brigantine has been operational with two tall ships on the Great Lakes for more than fifty years. My own affiliation has extended back more than thirty and I intend to stay involved as long as they'll have me. If you or your teenager (that includes neighbours and friends) are interested in an adventure aboard a tall ship contact them at: www.torontobrigantine.org

Rhine Attractions

  • 109 _ Ludendorf Bridge - Remagen - Germany - ©Bruce Kemp 2011 - DSC_2266
    It is one of western civilization's major arteries. People have used this river as a route for thousands of years. No one really knows how long - it is just an educated guess. But the Rhine has had an impact on the entirety of Western Culture and it is part of our heritage whether we are Swiss, French, German or Dutch.

Basel - The Whimsical Side of Switzerland

  • 133 - Dome and church - Basel Switzerland - ©Bruce Kemp 2011 - DSC_1468
    A lot of travellers consider the Swiss to be dour folks bent on banking, secrecy and little more. They couldn't be further from the truth. A visit to Basel will convince you that the Swiss have a whimsical side with a very dry sense of humour.

Schaffhausen Switzerland

  • 77- Full load - Schaffhausen - ©Bruce Kemp 2011 - DSC_1187
    Switzerland is more than Heidi and yodelling. Eastern Switzerland is a delightful part of the country with a lot to discover from great wines to fairytale towns.

Portraits With A Difference... With Character

  • Evelynn Takoff - ©Bruce Kemp 2014 - DSC_1067
    Good portraiture is the organic depiction of you. It tells the viewer who you are, but more importantly, what you think of yourself. These portraits were made for a variety of reasons - from student instruction to editorial illustration to commercial website use for businessmen and women. It doesn't matter. A good photographer will work with you until your image crystalizes into a true depiction of yourself and leaves you with a pleasing, overall image.

Haida Gwaii

  • 44 - Abandoned Haida  Canoe - Port Clements - Haida Gwaii - ©Bruce Kemp 2012 - DSC_8718
    Lying just off the coast of northwestern British Columbia, the Haida Gwaii archipelago is the homeland of the Haida people. This First Nation has a rich cultural history and life stretching back ten thousand years. With little in the way of natural resources other than magnificent trees, the Haida became the masters of their forest environment taking all the necessities of life, other than food, from the great cedars and spruce. As a sea-going nation, they perfected the carved canoe and voyaged as far as California and oral history even includes Hawaii. The art of carving masks and canoes is still alive as is their ability to create the magnificent long houses of their forefathers. The Haida and Haida Gwaii should be regarded as North American treasures.

BC's Highway of History - Gold, Furs & Tradition

  • Judge Begbie - Timothy Sutherland and Justice of the Peace Stewart Cawood - Living historians - Barkerville - ©Bruce Kemp 2012 - DSC_9625
    BC's Interior holds a wealth of history ranging from one of the largest 19th century gold rushes to the beginnings of the fur trade in the Pacific Northwest to the magnificence of the First Nations cultures. This portfolio contains images from Prince Rupert, the Pacific Coast Canneries, K'San Village in the Hazeltons, Fort St. James and the historic gold rush town - Barkerville. These images are available to editors and tourism commissions. Please contact Bruce Kemp at bruce.kemp861@gmail.com

Inuit Kayak Roll-Over

  • Traditional Inuit Kayak Roll-8777
    When Inuit hunters set off in their fragile skin boats to pursue seals, walrus or whales, they need an incredible level of skill and daring just to survive, but they also have to take those skills to the next level so they can recover from a near disaster like a roll-over. This Greenland kayak champion demonstrated more than twenty roll-overs and rightings for the camera.

NW Passage Pictures

  • MV Akademik Ioffe - NW Passgae - ©Bruce Kemp 2013 - DSC_8609
    Humans are a remarkably tenacious species and part of the Arctic ecosystem.. I was fortunate to spend time sailing through the Northwest Passage recently and came away amazed at the complexity and richness of that northern ecology. Whether a viewing a huge male polar bear close up or meeting an Inuit mother and her child, the Arctic has a great deal to offer to travellers seeking more out of their adventures. For more photos or to order any of these, please contact me at: bruce.kemp861@gmail.com

Racing The Ice - A Great Lakes Freighter Voyage

  • 15 - Detail Hatch Cover - B&W- Algoma Spirit - ©Bruce Kemp 2012 _DSC3673
    The last voyage of the season on the Great Lakes is a tense one as captains and crews race against the weather. Ice closes in fast on the Upper Great Lakes. Everything is done as quickly as possible to make sure the ships make it home to winter harbour.